CHINA: Christianity Increases Among Youth

The number of religious believers in China could be three times higher than official estimates. According to a poll conducted by Shanghai university professors, 31.4% of people above the age of 16 considered themselves to be "religious." The official China Daily called their work the "country's first major survey on religious beliefs".

The report states the survey found "a significant rise in Christianity - accounting for 12% of all believers, or 40 million, compared with the official figure of 16 million in 2005."

Professor Liu Zhongyu, who helped carry out the survey, is quoted as saying the average age of religious believers had fallen, with two-thirds of those in the poll who considered themselves religious aged between 16 and 39. "This is markedly different from the previous decade, when most religious believers were in their 40s or older," he said in the Oriental Outlook magazine, which published the survey.

Source: BBC

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