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The VIACARE Initiative

So... what is the VIACARE initiative?
In a nutshell, VIACARE is a program that is aimed at providing practical solutions and responses to the endemic problem of mismanagement and corruption in international aid.  Just visualise a bucket being filled with aid money and that money is flowing out through holes in the bottom. That’s the problem. VIACARE is a solution designed to identify those leaks, patch the leaks and to encourage donors to keep putting their money into that bucket!
VIACARE is an acronym that stands for: Verify, Inspect, Assess, Certify, Advise, Report, Endorse.
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Exaggerated Convert Figures Could Cost Lives

Converts from Islam to Christianity are increasingly concerned about a number of reports in recent months which have cited astounding statistics on conversion. It is true – and a matter for thankfulness to God – that more Muslims are now coming to Christ than at any other time in history. However, they are not converting on the vast scale alleged in some reports. These false reports, often initiated by non-Christians and then circulated by Christians, are a matter of grave concern, not just for those who love truth and accuracy, but also for the many individuals whose lives are being endangered by the publicity given to the exaggerated figures.
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Expelled: Persecution of scientists who question Darwinism

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Have You Prayed for bin Laden Today?

Brother Andrew urges Christians not to 'black list' radical Muslims.
By Deann Alford - from Christianity Today

Brother Andrew, founder of the persecuted-church ministry Open Doors and author of the forthcoming book Secret Believers, has been traveling to the Middle East for more than 30 years. During that time, he has met with Israelis, Christians of all kinds, and Muslim leaders from Fatah, Hamas, and other radical or militant groups. Ever since his Cold War days taking Bibles behind the Iron Curtain (made famous in his 1967 autobiography, God's Smuggler), American Christians have often responded to Brother Andrew's reports with some degree of skepticism, but always with awe. Christianity Today senior writer Deann Alford recently interviewed Brother Andrew on the current Gaza crisis and Christian relations with fundamentalist Muslims.

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Open Church and Other Meetings

Paul ran open church meetings in which all the brethren could contribute (1 Corinthians 14:26) from the richness of Christ within them. Of course with such freedom came abuses – especially in the Corinthian church. (1 Corinthians 14:23) But Paul’s answer wasn’t to regulate ministries or licence the gifts which are distributed (not centralised) by the Holy Spirit to the sons of God just as He wills (1 Corinthians 12:11). On the contrary, by apostolic injunction Paul commands us in 1 Corinthians 14:40 “Let everything be according to well-formed [priestly] order”. But what does this mean?
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The Traditions of Men and Womens' Ordination

The real issues underlying womens' ordination might be less about gender than first meets the eye. The problem might be with leaders such as bishops – or senior elders – vesting too much authority in regulation rather than hands-on oversight. The result tends to be a system of ministry licences rather than ministry freedoms – sometimes making it necessary for both sexes to become 'fully ordained' simply to function. Is this a case of doing the right thing the wrong way?
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Near End Times

After searching the scriptures, there can be no doubt the doctrine of imminence – that the day of the Lord is ‘at hand’ - is perfectly sound. Yet this cannot be taken to mean the church will be caught up with the Lord prior to the ‘great tribulation’ predicted by Jesus, as some have taught; for Scripture seems adverse to 'rapture' doctrines incongruous with the pattern of the Passover.
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Miracles in Africa

Given that God has the power to heal, why do some people still suffer and die? Is it simply lack of faith? Or are there other keys to healing?

What you will see in this video is difficult to describe in terms other than the miraculous.

Given that God has the power to heal, why do some people still suffer and die? Is it simply lack of faith? Or are there other keys to healing? Presumably all of those people whom Jesus healed when he was on earth went on to die somehow. So if miraculous healing is not about escaping the inevitability of physical death, then what is it about? Your thoughts?

Note: Some people may find this video footage disturbing.


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Out of Church Believers...

Many Christians are leaving the church out of frustration. Congregations are not just losing the expected ‘rebellious Christians’ who disagree with the core doctrines of Christianity, or a brother or sister that has fallen away. On the contrary, these congregations are losing leaders, devout in a faith in Jesus Christ, yet frustrated with the growing apathy that is creeping into so many churches.
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