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Being a Christian in Iraq

Most attention in Iraq is focused on Sunni and Shia families forced to leave their home towns by sectarian violence. The fate of non-Muslim minorities, particularly Christians, deserves equal attention. The Iraqi Christian population has fallen to a third of its level of twenty years ago.
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Eastern Uganda

In this age of rampant consumerism and selfish individualism, there seem to be few who genuinely answer God's call to give up everything to follow Christ. However Robby Keen, a new believer from the UK, has done just that in obedience to God. He is now serving the poorest of the poor and preaching Christ in a predominantly Muslim region near Mbale in Eastern Uganda - and God is doing wonderful things.
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Clean Drinking Water: A Rare Commodity

According to a 1999 report of the Secretary General of the UN on global water resources, the world is facing a worsening series of local and regional water quantity and quality problems in the years ahead.
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Eritrea: God Has a Plan

It wasn’t quite the picture I expected to see in this war-torn east African city. As I looked around I couldn’t help marvelling at just how industrious and resilient these people were given what they had endured... What a strange experience it was for me to be actually standing there after all I had been through. Who would really believe my remarkable story if I told them?
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China: Autumn Rain in China

In August 2005, a van pulled up outside a hotel in a city in China. Within moments, an elderly Chinese woman emerged from the lobby and quickly clambered into the van, which then accelerated out of the parking lot. Waiting intently in the back of the van was a young missionary from Melbourne, Australia.
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South Korea: Land of the Morning Calm

It is said that calm precedes a storm. Ongoing tension between North and South Korea keeps political analysts on their toes and defence forces on stand-by. Andrew Ford provides an insightful analysis of Korean people, their history, culture and religion.
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The Sudanese Government: The Cause of so Much Suffering

As the news of the unfolding tragedy in western Sudan is now making front-page news, people should be made aware that atrocities have been taking place in southern Sudan for decades. Aerial bombardments and helicopter gunships have been used to attack the southern Sudanese civilian population for years.
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Northern Uganda: Church in a War-Zone

Helicopter gunship flies overhead during our church gathering. Click here on the photograph to see the video
The War Drags On: Not very far from this village, 5 kms from Lira, some of the worst atrocities of war have been committed. The cruelty and murderous barbarity of the LRA rebels defies belief, and yet here among these villagers we find genuine warmth, hospitality, generosity, gentleness, joy and faith. One can't help but think that these people are victims of a great evil that has conspired against them - as if an evil spiritual force, perhaps further incited to hatred by the very purity and vulnerability of these people, has amassed forces from hell bent on their destruction.
Monday, November 6, 2006   read more | 9313 reads
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