Contributing Writers:

Editorial Guidelines:

Worldview Interactive magazine seeks to publish articles and multimedia content which encourages our readership to think and pray more deeply and reflectively about their lives and this world in which we live.

Addressing a wide range of topics and issues, we seek to present content which edifies, exhorts and comforts our readers through inspirational stories, and articles that challenge, inform and educate. Worldview Interactive contributors are invited to contribute because of their biblical worldview, their love for God and the Church, and their willingness to explore alternative paradigms in the exploration of their faith.

Worldview Interactive seeks to avoid denominational or sectarian language unless we are engaging in discussions specifically about theological perspectives or Church trends.

Our editorial policy is governed by the 'Law of Love'. Whilst we may, from time to time, address issues which are controversial, we seek to avoid all comments that are villifying towards individuals or organisations.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions of contributing writers do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the publisher.

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