Speaking in 'other tongues' by the Power of the Holy Spirit

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Do such miracles happen Today?

Throughout the Church there are varied opinions and beliefs in relation to the phenomenon of 'tongues', ranging from assertions that such occurences died out with the death of the apostles and therefore no longer occur and should never be regarded as authentic, to the belief that these and other 'spiritual gifts' are imperative and vital for the effective work of the Church.

Speaking in "tongues", although not widely discussed, is a common experience among many Christians who believe in the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit among God's people today. It was first documented in Acts chapter 2, and is mentioned 16 times in the New Testament.

Allan Weatherall shares about his remarkable experience in Eastern Uganda. After preaching through an interpretter at a church in Masafu, Allan was asked to pray for those responding to his message. At a complete loss for what to pray, and being unable to communicate with those requesting prayer, Allan decided to trust God and simply pray "in tongues", believing that among the noise and emotion of a typical African prayer time, his use of spiritual gifts would go unnoticed...(Apologies for the poor quality video)

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